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Tennessee Titans Saturday Roster Cuts

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The Tennessee Titans have to be at 54 players by early this evening. They get the one spot exemption because Chris Johnson is still on a list where he doesn't count against the official number. Some of the names have already started coming out and are a little surprising.

John Glennon has reported that they have released Pannel Egboh, Jacob Ford, Frank Walker, Vincent Fuller, Robert Johnson, and Justin Gage. It really surprises me to see Ford and Egboh on this list with how thin they are at DE with the injuries.

NewsToTom is really sad to see his favorite player, Justin Gage, go, but it was time. They couldn't pay a receiver that much money to be a blocker again this year.

Sorry for the late update on the cuts, but we will do our best to stay on top of it for the rest of the day. Post any updates you come across in this thread.

[UPDATE]- Add Kevin Curtis to the list of players cut according to Terry McCormick.

[UPDATE]- T Adam Terry gone according to Glennon. Ryan Mouton officially placed on IR.