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Mike Munchak on What He Expects From Donnie Avery

This week in interesting press conference questions we have this:

(on if he expects Avery to put pressure on Damian Williams and Lavelle Hawkins or if he wants the guys who have been here to step up)

I think the latter, I think we want to see these two guys step up, they have had small doses of success and now we give them an opportunity to do it on a full game bases and know that much is expected of both of those guys, the young guys, (Lavelle) Hawkins, and Damian (Williams) and let (Donnie) Avery be that guy, that at some point as he learns the system, it would be great if he is going to push them a little bit, but I think now it’s more of something that we have where we feel we needed him during a game he could help us with his speed and maybe do a few things for us.

I would think the answer to that question would be both, right?  Because if the answer is both that means he has three receivers who can go out there and make plays.