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Week 4: Predictions From The Contributors and Ice0ne(CAJ)

NO CJ! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO STAND OVER THERE! (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
NO CJ! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO STAND OVER THERE! (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Week 4....good work last week Firefighter. Let's hope Ice can be more like you and sikes (2-0) and less like Prattrick (0-1)!

Let's roll:


After losing Kenny Britt on what looked like a 1/3 freak accident, 1/3 hit to the knees, and 1/3 strange play call, the Titans start off slow in the passing game but get up to speed in the second half. Seems familiar, yes i'm predicting a Jaguar type of passing game. But with improved technique, dumb luck, missed holding calls and CJ being in game shape the run game is back up to par and flourishing greatly!

Titans 35 - Browns 14

Big Tuna

This is another game that the Titans have to win if they are going to compete for the division title. It is never easy to win in Cleveland, and this game looks like one that the Titans will have to grind out. I am not sure how I feel about that one, but the Titans are going to win this game. The Hawk will score the first TD against the Browns by a wide receiver this year and the Titans roll.

Titans 24 - Browns 6


I found myself nitpicking this offense over the past week, and I'll likely continue to do so. The most important thing, though, is that this team is finding ways to win. My hope is that Wonka's (Palmer) identity is less about subscribing to a certain philosophy and more about taking what the opponent gives you. Thusfar, that's what he's shown us, and it's something Fisher struggled with at times.

I think Palmer keeps up that trend. Maybe the run game gets going. Maybe it doesn't. Either way, he's going to make the most of the situation. If Hasselbeck can keep this play up (100+ QB rating for those not paying attention), and this defense continues as one of the best in the league, the wins will keep coming. Titans keep rolling and eek out a tough win in Cleveland.

Titans 24 - Browns 17


Not feeling great about going back on the road. I would feel much better about the passing game finding a new identity at LP, but we don't get that luxury. Especially facing Chattanooga's Buster Skrine. Tough to win in Cleveland, but Hillis + the good quarterback from Texas don't scare me with the way our D is going. I said last week our run game would get rolling and I was way off. Hopefully our OL + CJ are taking all this criticism personally and are ready to do something about it. I am seeing a close, low scoring affair

Titans 13 - Browns 6


Every week we're going to expect Chris Johnson to break out. We're going to have to wait another week. Both these defenses have been pretty good through three weeks, so I expect a defensive battle. Colt McCoy and Peyton Hilis do not worry me, however. Matt Hasselbeck will make Nate Washington look good, and the defense pulls through in a snore-fest.

Titans 13 - Browns 7


Can't see the Titans losing this one after the past two weeks. Colt McCoy has looked a little shaky lately, I'm really looking forward to the defense getting after him and making him as uncomfortable as possible. I think even without Britt, the offense will be too much despite the improvements Cleveland has made. Can't be too certain this isn't a trap game, but I like our odds. The Browns will not be moving the ball.

Titans 20 - Browns 10

August West

I think Washington struggles with Haden covering him, so we really need big games from Williams/Hawks/Cook. CJ will show some signs of life, but I bet Ringer has the better game. The defense will force turnovers and give us a short field. If we can get an early two possession lead, the second half could be a cake walk. If we let the Browns hang around, this could be an ugly dissapointment

Titans 30 - Browns 13