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The Titans Defensive Line Continues to Impress

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The thing we were the most excited about in the preseason was the play of the young defensive lineman. While they haven't been making the big plays as often as they did in the preseason, which is to be expected against better competition, but they have still been very solid.

The boys over at Pro Football Focus had this to say about the D Line play in their weekly "Re-Focused" feature:

The Broncos offensive line simply could not keep up with the Titans deep D-line rotation. With eight capable defensive linemen active, the Titans were able to get production out of each and keep them fresh through constant rotation, just as they’ve done in the past under Jeff Fisher. The numbers can do all the talking on this one: five of the seven linemen earned an overall grade of +1.0 or better and two others would have if not for penalties, leaving only starting defensive end Dave Ball with a comparatively poor performance. To indicate just how many plays the Titans D-line made, consider that the unit contributed 13 defensive stops and tipped two passes at the line, one of which became the game-winning interception. The rookie DT tandem of Jurell Casey and Karl Klug turned in a combined +6.2 overall grade and did a good job getting pressure up the middle

Games are won in the trenches, and the Titans have a really good young group of playmakers up front on the defensive line.  The defense has been good so far, and I think they are going to continue to improve each week.