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Tennessee Titans Agree to Terms With WR Donnie Avery

Jim Wyatt just tweeted that the Tennessee Titans have signed WR Donnie Avery. Avery is a guy who had a lot of potential but hasn't been the same since he went down with an ACL injury last preseason.

I am glad Avery is the guy they added because he has the highest ceiling of any of the guys that have been in to workout. He is really, really fast, and there is always the chance it just hasn't been enough time since his surgery for the speed to come all the way back.

You likely won't see him on the field until after the bye week because it will take him some time to pick up the offense. He is likely the last receiver on the depth chart when he gets here.

There was no way the Titans were going to add a guy to match Kenny Britt's production, but Avery actually has some upside.