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Mike Munchak on Chris Palmer

For me, the jury is still out on Chris Palmer as the offensive coordinator. He has done a fine job so far, but there still seem to be too many times where they are trying to pound it up the middle when nothing is there ever. Here is what Mike Munchak had to say about Palmer's game calling so far:

He does a great job of calling the game. I’m right there next to him because on the offensive side you give a lot more instruction on what our thinking is about field goals and stuff like that. He is very calm, does a nice job, like I said, is not conservative by nature, he is willing to, when things aren’t working a certain way, he is going to lean on the pass a little more like he has had too the past couple weeks. He would love to hand it off 40 times, believe me, any coordinator would to take the pressure off of the pass game. We know the two have to come together or we are going to have some trouble. He does a great job, he has been around the league a long time, that’s why I have had so much confidence in him since the first day when I hired him and Jerry Gray because I knew I had two people who could make a difference on this team.

Palmer has his work cut out for him going forward without Kenny Britt. If he can find a way to keep the pass offense rolling he should be considered an offensive guru.