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Tennessee Titans WR Curse Continues: Kenny Britt Has Torn ACL And MCL

Wyatt just tweeted the official report: Kenny Britt has a torn ACL and is headed for the IR. Frankly, I'm just glad it's the one tendon after rumors were flying last night that he might have torn his MCL as well.

Kenny Britt's 2011 season is over.


UPDATE: Coach Munchak confirmed in his press conference that Britt did, in fact, tear both his ACL and MCL.

If you've been following this team since it arrived in Nashvile, you really shouldn't be surprised. This is kind of what happens to Titans WRs. Whether it's Tyrone Calico's knees, Kevin Dyson's hamstrings, David Givens' knee, Yancey Thigpen's everything... for some reason the football gods have decreed that we can't have nice things in the passing game.

Still, we can't let this setback ruin the season. While we won't have that dominant number one WR, we do have a nice stable of talent and an experienced QB who has started out red hot. The real onus now is going to be on the RBs and O-line group to get the rushing attack on track. We can't have the negative plays and mistakes that kill drives now that Britt isn't there to make the big 3rd down play.