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Titans Begin Auditioning Wide Receivers To Replace Kenny Britt

First off, I'm sorry for the misleading headline, but the search engines are loving Kenny Britt today. No wide receiver the Titans sign is going to replace Kenny Britt. I really wanted to go with Titans Begin Auditioning Wide Receivers To Replace Justin Gage, because whomever we sign will probably get about the same amount of targets as Gage got this past preseason.

Still, the Titans are being realistic about the prognosis for Kenny's knee (as I'm writing this, we're still waiting on the official word). Jim Wyatt is already reporting that the Titans have scheduled Donnie Avery and Buster Davis for workouts. Avery had already scheduled a workout with the Panthers, so if he isn't signed by them he'll head to Nashville right away.

Wyatt is also tweeting that the agent for T.J. Houshmahackeyjoke hasn't been contacted, nor has the agent for Randy Moss

Click through the jump for my thoughts on both guys the Titans are working out today (or soon)

Donnie Avery: Avery was a speedy second round pick for the St. Louis Rams in 2008. He missed all of last season with a knee injury, and he didn't make it to the Rams' final 53-man roster. Part of that has to do with the fact that Avery is in the mold of an Az-Hakim (who has some great years in the slot, flanked by Isaac Bruce and Tory Holt): he runs fast - really fast - but that's about it. Josh McDaniels, the new token asshole offensive coordinator in St. Louis, doesn't place much value on straight-line speed. Many Rams fans thought he had enough value to warrant a trade, but that wasn't the case. Avery might be able to come in and work in situational spots where we take advantage of his deep speed, opening things up underneath for Washington, Cook et al. He can run deep with a speed Harkins and Williams haven't shown us at all, but that might not be enough to get him in the two-toned blues. One thing working in his favor: two solid performances to close out the preseason mean he's got tape to show that he's come back from the knee injury.

Buster Davis: A first round pick by the Chargers back in 2007, Davis' NFL career has been a bit of a debacle.  A lengthy string of injuries has prevented him from totaling more than 21 catches in any year, and with Phillip Rivers and Norv Turner running that offense, the Chargers can find guys off the street to make that many catches in two games. In terms of skills, he's almost the anti-Avery. He's a slower WR who can (when healthy) do some damage in the underneath/over the middle sections of the route tree. Frankly, I think that's a skill set we have covered between Williams, Hawkins, Washington and the TEs.