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Jim Irsay Confirms that Peyton Manning Will Miss the Entire Season

WISH TV in Indianapolis is reporting that Jim Irsay has confirmed this morning that Peyton Manning will miss the entire season. This is something that has been speculated since he had the last neck procedure, but now it seems to be pretty much official. The Colts haven't placed him on IR yet, but I would suspect they would if Kerry Collins is going to miss time with a concussion.

It really wouldn't make any sense at all for Peyton to try and comeback this season. Everyone said from the beginning that best case scenario was that he would be back in 10 weeks, and the Colts will be long eliminated from any kind of contention at that point. Manning will take this season to make sure he is 100% healthy. The scary thing is he will benefit next season from a really good draft pick this year because the Colts are so bad.

As Titans fans we just have to hope that they aren't bad enough to get the #1 overall pick and take Andrew Luck.