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Titans 17 Broncos 14: Quick Recap

That was a really ugly game, but it was good to see the Titans be able to make plays when it mattered and pull out a big win. Of course the major concern here is the severity of the injury to Kenny Britt. It sure looked serious, but hopefully it is one of those that looks serious but ends up just being a sprain.

A couple of interesting things at the end of the game- 1. Cody Allison reported on Titans Radio that Shaun Smith was benched for the last two series of the game for disciplinary reasons. He came to the Titans with a reputation, and he lived up to it today. I am glad to see Mike Munchak sit him down there.

2. It was Javon Ringer in there running out the clock instead of Chris Johnson. There is no way that would have been the case in years past, and I wonder if Ringer was in there to save the wear and tear on CJ or if Munch believed that Ringer gave them the better chance to get a first down and really put the game away. August texted me during the game saying CJ looked slow, and I have to agree. There aren't a lot of holes there for him, but he still just doesn't look to have the burst he has in years past.

Fun stat of the day: CJ tied with Brett Kern for the team lead with 21 yards rushing.

All of that said, it is good to get a win that ties the Titans for the AFC South lead with the Texans (pending the Saints holding on).