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Fantasy Football Week 3: I Need A Win

Running backs seem to be all over the place of late. Jamaal Charles just tore his ACL, Arian Foster is a gimpy part of a committee, Cedric Benson is facing a three game ban, Carolina doesn't seem interested in running the ball,  the Saints running backs are a... who knows what , and Chris Johnson has under 100 yards after two games. In a world turning upside down, what do you do?


QB Starters


Philip Rivers 

He's going against a defense that's been tromped over the past two weeks and should suffer highly at the hands of Rivers and the Chargers. Start him.


Matt Schaub

He has been disappointing these past couple weeks, there's no doubt about that, but this week presents ample opportunity for success. The ground game and defense has made it unnecessary for the Texans to air it out, but this week they are playing against a good offense that may force them to keep up via air. Start him.


Cam Newton

Here it is. He made the list. The Panthers have enjoyed having him in there and have not been shy about putting the ball in his hands. He goes against fellow rookie Blaine Gabbert this week. I see no reason why he shouldn't continue to make it rain. Start him.


Ryan Fitzpatrick

I think he's for real. This week we'll find out. The Patriots can be a tough defense but I think he'll manage. Start him.



Bench QBs


Eli Manning

Eagles defense. That's about all you need to know.


Sam Bradford

The Ravens will be out for blood after being brought back down to Earth by the Titans. Poor Bradford's going to have his work cut out for him. I don't think he'll get much done. Sit him.


Tony Romo

He's hurting and so is his receiving corps. Miles Austin is gonna miss this week which make things that much more difficult. If he is able to stay in the entire game, I wouldn't expect much out of him.



RB Starters


Chris Johnson

He's had a heck of a rough start, but it's time. Denver has been getting run all over and CJ is gonna shake off the rust this game. I refuse to sit this man. Start him


Rashard Mendenhall

The Colts are the Titanic and they've already hit the iceburg. Mendenhall should have a nice game. Start him.


Matt Forte

The Packers defense has been rather lack luster of late and Forte's a good back. Start him.



Bench RBs


Steven Jackson

He's been roughed up and now he's gotta face some angry Ravens. Don't expect much out of him. Bench him.


Adrian Peterson

It's gonna be a long day for him. The only way I really expect him to get points is if he gets in the endzone. Other than that I expect Suh and the boys are gonna keep him in line. Bench him.


Arian Foster

His leg's still bothering him. He's supposed to be a game time decision this week. With how well the backfield has been doing without him, I don't think they'll give him too much. UPDATE: He ain't playing.  Bench him.



WR Starters


Kenny Britt

He's an untameable beast. Start him.


Greg Jennings

He's getting put against a tough defense this week, but he's a great athlete and one of Rodger's favorite targets. Start him.


Vincent Jackson

Chief defense is nowhere close to what it was last year. They've also lost Eric Berry. Jackson should have a very productive day. Start him.


Mike Wallace

This is gonna be one ugly game for the Colts. Wallace shouldn't have any trouble finding the endzone. Start him.


Brandon LaFell

Here is one of my waiver guys that is worth a look. He's another target of Newtons that has been reaping the rewards of a pass happy offense. Start him.


David Nelson

Bills have been doing pretty well. Nelson is another guy that might be out on the wire that would be a good grab. The Patriots are a tough match up, but Nelson is practically the Bills number one receiver and I think he'll see enough targets that he could very well find the endzone. Start him.


Julio Jones

He's been seeing his fair share of targets and I think this week he finds the endzone. Start him.


Bench WRs


Reggie Wayne

Poor guy. Steelers D certainly won't do him any favors and Collins isn't gonna look any sharper against them. Bench him.


Brandon Lloyd

He's coming off an injury, he's playing against a tough defense, and other receivers like Eric Decker have shown promise. It's gonna be an off week for him. Bench him.


Miles Austin

In case you haven't been paying attention, he's gonna be out with an injury. Bench him.



Starter TEs


Rob Gronkowski

With Aaron Hernandez out, he should get even more looks. Start him.

Heath Miller

He's had a pretty quiet season so far. I think he'll change that pretty soon. Give him a chance. Start him.


Fred Davis

He's been tearing it up. I see no reason for this to change. Start him.



Bench TEs



Aaron Hernandez

Out with injuries. Bench him.


Antonio Gates

Out with injuries. Bench him.


Jermichael Finley

He hasn't found the endzone yet this season, and I don't think he will this game either. He's facing a stiff defense and I just don't see it happening. Bench him.


Visanthe Shiancoe

He's far from the TE he was a couple seasons ago. He's only had 3 receptions this year. Don't expect that to improve this game. Bench him.



D/ST Starters








D/ST Benchers




Chiefs (drop them if you haven't already)





Waiver Wire Pickups


Brandon LaFell WR Panthers

He's been seeing a lot of targets in that pass happy offense. He could be quite the grab


Thomas Jones/ Dexter McCluster RB Chiefs

With Jamaal Charles out, the load will be split between these two. Who will get the bulk of the carries? We'll see. It should start out as Jones, but he is 33 and who knows how much gas is left in his tank. Either way, this is something you should look into if you're starving at the RB position.


David Nelson WR Bills

As stated above, he's been getting the targets and is practically the number one receiver in a injury ridden WR corps. He's a pretty solid pick up at the WR position.


Eric Decker WR Broncos

He's also been taking advantage of a injury ridden squad. It's yet to see if he'll still be seeing so many targets after everyone is so healthy again, but risk vs. reward. If you've got the room, scoop him up.


Fred Davis TE Redskins

He's been doing solid and I haven't seen him being owned in many leagues. He's only owned in 49.4% of ESPN leagues. He could be a great addition and possibly a starter for you if you're a little weak at the TE position.


Roy Helu, Jr. RB Redskins

Yes he still has Hightower in front of him, but that could change. Last week he had 10 carries for 74 yards and 3 catches for 38 yards. I don't think it'll be too long before he's seeing even more action. If you have room for a guy you can wait on, Helu is worth a look.


Bernard Scott RB Bengals

With Cedric Benson looking to miss some time, this guy should pick up the majority of carries. He could be a decent RB option for a couple weeks. Check him out.


Well that's all folks! Best of luck this week!