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Broncos vs. Titans: MHR on The New Regime in Denver

The Broncos are just a couple of years removed from moving on from a long-tenured coach like the Titans are doing this season. I asked John Bena about the transition in Denver:

As Broncos fans, we are just ready to move forward. To me, at least, it was time to divide the responsibilities of the team and get people in place that can do the jobs they are intended to do. For too long it was Mike Shahanan as judge and jury when it came to all things Broncos football. That started the slide and Josh McDaniels continued it, not because McDaniels couldn't coach - I believe he can - but he wasn't ready to handle all aspects of the team. The Broncos did a poor job setting up an infrastructure around him. Now, with John Elway back on board and John Fox brought in to coach the football team, the Broncos can finally begin to put the pieces back together.

I think it is always a bad idea for one person to have all of the power. The Titans would never admit that Jeff Fisher did for a time, but anyone who had knowledge of the situation would tell you that is the case.

Having the all of the personnel responsibilities and all of the coaching responsibilities is too much for just about anyone to handle. Both teams will be better in the long run for the changes.