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Broncos vs. Titans: MHR on Tim Tebow

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We can all remember what it is like to have a back-up QB who had a cult-like following. The Broncos and their fans are going through that right now with Tim Tebow. I asked John Bena of Mile High Report what he thought the future held for Tebow in Denver:

The is the million dollar question, isn't it? There is little doubt that there is something about Tebow. He isn't pretty, and you'd never make a "How To Be A Quarterback" video out of any of his highlights. That said, he somehow moves a team down the field and his leadership abilities are off the charts. You can never really bet against a guy like that - even if everything you know about the game off football tells you otherwise.

Can it happen for Tebow? I think it can - with the right supporting cast around him. Look at Carolina - they surrounded Cam Newton with weapons that will support his growth as a quarterback. Two Pro-Bowl tight-ends. A solid running game, and of course Steve Smith. Now, Newton has exceeded everyone's expectations, but the Panthers has put the right cast in place to make things easy on him. Will Denver do that same? With a new front office and coaching staff it is hard to say. Much will depend on this year. If the Broncos are sitting at 4-12 again, my belief is they will take a quarterback in the 2012 Draft and rid themselves of all three quarterbacks - choosing instead to go a route similar to the Titans. John Elway and John Fox will want their guy.

If the Broncos surprise everyone and have a solid season, then all bets are off. Winning cures most ailments in the NFL.

To me, that sounds a whole lot like "Tebow just wins" and that is a dangerous, dangerous place to be. I don't think he has what it takes to be successful as an NFL QB, but you can't count him out until he has been given a shot.