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On Kenny Britt and His Problematic Hamstring

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I'll be honest, this whole thing scares me to death:

(on what Kenny Britt needs to do to stay healthy and keep his hamstrings loose)

I think he has to take care of himself and do the extra stuff even though you may not necessarily be injured, just like anyone would who has a history of certain injuries. I think stretching, treatments, just taking care of yourself after ball games even though you don’t necessarily miss plays. There are certain players, and he is one of them because of the history, that you just be careful and make sure he is getting the treatment because you don’t want to have something happen just because it’s happened before to him. He is an example of one but I think there are other guys too that need to stretch a little bit more than other guys do. Even though he is a young guy, it’s something he’s got to be aware of.

I sure hope that Britty learned his lesson last year in San Diego and is willing to do the things he needs to do during the game to keep the hamstring loose because this offense won't be good without him.