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Denver Broncos @ Tennessee Titans: Keys to Victory

1Win TOP.  Obviously you can't score points if you don't get the offense on the field. In the season opener, the Jaguars offense was on the field for 20 minutes longer than the Titans. Last week, the Titans had the ball a few minutes longer than the Ravens did. You all saw the enormous difference in performance.

In Week 1 and Week 2, the Titans' third down efficiency was 36% and 50%, respectively. On the other side of the ball, the Titans defense limited the Ravens to just a 30% third down efficiency rate last week, much better than the week before, where the Jaguars converted 9 of 18 third downs. It's so hard to judge this team Titans when they have looked like a different team each of the past two weeks. One thing's for sure though, stopping 70% of third down attempts is going to win games.

2. Protect Hasselbeck. I've seen countless articles this week praising the Titans' offensive line. Understandably, as 42 pass attempts against the Ravens' defensive line without a sack really is a remarkable feat. Denver doesn't have the personnel to rush the passer like Baltimore does, so it should be a little easier for Terry Rocker's Mike Munchak's boys, as long as they keep being aggressive. It is becoming very apparent that when Matt Hasselbeck has time to throw, he can still be great.

3. Get CJ going. After two weeks of outstanding performances by Matt Hasselbeck, Kenny Britt and Nate Washington, by now, defenses have surely realized that the Titans passing attack is dangerous. This should allow Chris Johnson to find some much needed running room as defenses as teams ease out of the box. CJ now has three weeks of practice and two games under his belt, so we should start seeing some better results this week.

After two weeks, the Broncos have allowed the second most rushing yards in the league, mainly due to Darren McFadden having a 150 yard game in Week 1. That included a 47 yard untouched run where McFadden looked Johnson-esque as he dodged his way through defenders. This looks like a perfect week for CJ to become, well, CJ again.

4. Shut down Kyle OrtonSay what you want about Kyle Orton, but he can be good, and he is his team's best chance of winning. He beat the Titans last year to the tune of 341 yards and two touchdowns. With Derrick Morgan and Jason Jones back in the lineup, the Titans did a great job getting to Joe Flacco last week and making him make bad decisions. Orton has been sacked 7 times, the fifth most of any quarterback in the NFL. Attack that. With the Broncos' top two receivers, Eddie Royal and Brandon Lloyd, on the injury report, bad decisions could easily become turnovers.

The Titans managed to shut down Ray Rice last week. Trying to make Willis McGahee or a battered Knowshon Moreno beat them would be much easier for this Titans defense which has allowed only 3.25 yards per carry.