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Week 3: Predictions From The Contributors and Titans_Firefighter

Way to bring the W sikes. Now our favorite public servant gets a shot to keep it rolling:


First, I'm eating crow as I thought the Titans would be 0-2 and on life support coming into this Code Blue game. The only thing that is Code Blue coming into this game is the running game. The Titans are only averaging 58.5ypg on the ground, but that is going to change this week since the Broncos give up on average 131 yards on the ground. So this week the Titans run game gets on track, and as for the passing game, if that Ginger from the Bungals can pass for 300 on them, then Hasselbeck better put up 400. Our defense will play big again only giving up 276 total yards per game which is 3rd best. The Broncos have given up 7 sacks, and I expect them to give up 7 on Sunday. Titans are going to have this game sealed midway through the 3rd quarter.

Titans 34 - Broncos 10


Wow...I am riding high. Talk about a complete turnaround....from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs. I like this feeling so let's keep it rolling! Our Titans are sure to be motivated this week getting the chance to avenge one of our two worst losses from last season (the other being the Redskin game). CJ is gonna get it going this week, we can be sure of that. He didn't look great last week, but the Bronco defense is not the Raven defense. And the Raven defense was selling out to stop him. I only hope that Coach Gray lets Finnegan blitz at least a couple of times. I would be willing to bet that there won't be any two hand touch on that one.

Good guys 30 - Whiny girlyback Ortons 10


This is a game the Titans should absolutely win. I expect Chris Johnson to have his first big day as the Broncos defense focuses on shutting down Britt.

Titans 38 - Broncos 13

The Superest of Horns

I'm drinking the Kool-Aid, and it tastes better than it has in years. Nasty Pass D + Solid Pass Rush + Dangerous Vertical Passing Game = Tasty Mix.

Titans ride the momentum and dominate Denver. If Champ Bailey's in, CJ goes for 150. If Champ Bailey's out, Britt goes for 150. Titans dominate.

Titans 30 - Broncos 10

August West

I think this is a revenge game for a lot of these guys, and Munchak will show that he's deadly serious about getting back that home field advantage at all costs. Hopefully it's CJ's breakout game as well, so the whole load isn't on the passing attack.

Titans 24 - Broncos 18

Late edit from D. Reese

Broncos suck.

Titans 24 - Broncos 10