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PFF's Week 2 Snap Report for The Tennessee Titans

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The Cookie Monster be hungry.
The Cookie Monster be hungry.

PFF has a great weekly feature that we'll be keeping track of here that covers the number of snaps QBs, RBs and TEs play for each team, each week. I encourage you to click and at least scan through the rest of the list, but you can click through the jump below for the breakdown and thoughts for the Titans in week 2:

Kenny Britt and Nate Washington each played 70 of a possible 74 snaps in Week 2. With Damian Williams out, Lavelle Hawkins handled 34 snaps, 28 of which were pass routes. Marc Mariani entered the game five times. Chris Johnson is still the workhorse here. He was in on 58 plays, compared to 16 for Javon Ringer. Craig Stevens edged Jared Cook by seven total snaps, but Cook ran 15 more pass routes.

The WR breakdown is about exactly what I'd expect given how many passing attempts, especially from multiple WR sets, we had in this game. Britt and Washington are completely solidified as the no. 1 and 2 WRs, and nobody on this roster is challenging for that. It's good to get confirmation that Lavelle Hawkins was pretty solidly the no. 3 option, because Mariani is still a bit too raw to help much at WR.

The distribution of snaps between Ringer and CJ is about where it should be, IMO. We just need more productive touches from CJ.

I'm a little disappointed that Stevens was out there more than Cook, but the fact that Cook ran 15 more pass routes on less total snaps means the coaches were still looking at Cook as the threat in the passing game. Stevens' ability to block and still move well in the passing game will get him lots of run with Munchak, and Cook spent a good amount of the time split-out wide. This point makes me thing of my favorite unnoticed play of the game: Using Cook outside and Britt in the slot to set-up a WR bubble screen. If they can do it without it being a dead giveaway, who would you rather have blocking a CB, Hawkins/Williams or Cook?