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The Titans Accomplished Something Rare Against the Ravens

Here is something interesting that Jonathan Hutton of Titans Radio sent to me earlier today:

Only 4 times in Ravens’ history has an opponent thrown over 40 times and the Ravens defense NOT recorded a sack. One of those times was in Nashville, at Vanderbilt, on December 6, 1998 when the Tennessee Oilers beat the Baltimore Ravens, 16-14. Steve McNair threw 44 times and was not sacked. How was the Titans’ rushing attack that day? Eddie George carried 27 times for 63 yards, numbers that sound very similar to Chris Johnson’s 24 carries for 53 yards. Johnson gained at least one yard on 21 of his 21 carries, was tackled for no gain only once and lost yardage only twice.

Basically what you saw on Sunday was a "Dare McNair" defense from the Ravens. Baltimore decided they would take Chris Johnson out of the game and make Matt Hasselbeck beat them. Luckily for the Titans he was able to do just that.

Teams will have to start backing off if Hasselbeck and Kenny Britt can stay healthy for the full year, and eventually things will open up for CJ.