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Ravens @ Titans: Game Ball of the Week

The decision for the game ball of the week this one is a tough one. Matt Hasselbeck had an outstanding game throwing for 358 yards and one touchdown, but the game ball has to go to Kenny Britt who had 9 catches for 135 yards and a touchdown. Those kind of numbers will get you the game ball every week.

We talked on MCM Radio Wednesday night about this being a good match-up for Britt because the Ravens corners aren't that good. The only concern was whether or not the offensive line could give Hasselbeck the time to get Britt the ball. Well they did, and Britt had a huge game.

I just keep hoping that we are finally seeing that breakout year from Britt that we all know is possible. We have said it a million times- all he has to do is stay healthy and out of trouble. That is easy enough, right?