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Tennessee Titans Power Rankings Week 3 Roundup


After the jump is a roundup of where the Titans are ranked in various power rankings around the internet for Week 3. It will be updated as more rankings are posted.

This Week Last Week Commentary
Yahoo! Sports -- --
ESPN 17 25 It's possible we've see their floor (loss at Jacksonville) and their ceiling (win over Baltimore). (Kuharsky) 18 28 Matt Hasselbeck, we all apologize. Good night, you're playing well: 67.1 completion percentage, 621 yards, and a 94.2 rating. With Luke McCown and Kerry Collins starting at quarterback in the division, the supposedly-in-transition Titans could finish second in the AFC South, and maybe even make a wild-card run. At some point Chris Johnson is going to explode, it's just a matter of when.
National Football Post 19 25 Maybe we were overlooking the Titans in our rankings last week.
Sporting News 21 26
Second-year star: PR/KR Marc Mariani
The new kickoff rules hurt his overall game, but the 2010 Pro Bowl player is always a threat to break one when fielding punts.
USA Today -- --
CBS Sports 22 30 They're 1-1 and Chris Johnson hasn't even got it going yet. That was an impressive victory over the Ravens.
SB Nation 19 20 Next two games against the Broncos and Browns. A 3-1 start would be huge for them.
Fox Sports 19 31

This could just be the result of the Ravens having an off day, but the Titans deserve some credit. Matt Hasselbeck and Kenny Britt may be a special connection throughout the season, especially if teams sell out to stop Chris Johnson like the Ravens did.

ProFootballWeekly 21 -- Chris Johnson rushes for 53 yards, and they still upset Baltimore? -- --
ProFootballTalk 22 27 The team that used to be in Houston could have something to say about whether the team currently in Houston will finally get to the playoffs.