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Some Details on Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson's Contract

Paul Kuharsky has provided a couple of updates today, via Twitter, with details of Chris Johnson's contracts. He first said that CJ's signing bonus is $10 million. That is a little bit lower than I was expecting and is a great number for the Titans because the prorated money if they cut him at the end won't be very much. That same Tweet said that CJ's base for this year $3 million.

PK's next tweet mentioned that Johnson's cap number for this year is just $6.28 million, and as PK said, the Titans can put that number on the books without having to re-negotiate any contracts.

Jim Wyatt, who has been following CJ for months, says that CJ is in town. He will take a physical with the team today, sign his contract, and be on the practice field tomorrow.

This was a long process that was drawn out a lot more than it should have been, but the bottom line is CJ got his money, the Titans got a contract that isn't going to be a problem down the road, and he will be on the field in Jacksonville. That, my friends, is win, win, win.

[UPDATE]- Here is a good read on CJ's contract from Andrew Brandt. No guaranteed money after 2013. Reinfeldt did a nice job on this one.