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What We Learned About the Titans Offense in the Preseason

The biggest thing that has come out of this preseason on offense for me is that this team still needs help at receiver. Kenny Britt is a solid #1, but it would be a mistake to assume he is going to stay healthy for all 16 games. Nate Washington is a decent #2, but this team isn't going to be able to move the ball at all if Britt is out and Washington and Damian Williams are the two starters. I am not ready to give up on Williams yet, but at best he is inconsistent.

They have got to find some help somewhere. They are probably kicking themselves for not getting more in the mix for guys like Derrick Mason and Jerricho Cotchery. They have obviously seen something the like in Kevin Curtis, but I am not sure he can stick after hurting his finger in limited action last night.

The interior offensive line looks improved over last year, but I am not yet ready to declare that the problem has been fixed. They are going to be tested early with Baltimore and Pittsburgh on the schedule before Halloween.

Jake Locker isn't ready, but he is a lot closer than I thought he would be after missing all of the offseason because of the lockout. You can tell just by watching him that he has put in the prep time. Hopefully Matt Hasselbeck will be able to stay healthy all season long to give Locker a year to fix the problems with his mechanics so he can push Hasselbeck in camp next year.

The best news of all is that the offense moved the ball in the preseason without the services of Chris Johnson and Britt. I am cautiously optimistic that the Titans will have the type of offense this season that can actually win games when the defense gives up three touchdowns.