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LP Field Report - Titans vs Ravens

I noticed over the last few weeks that several people were asking questions about LP Field and the gameday experience that several of us get to enjoy several times a year. I thought it might be fun to let y'all in on what we see that you don't on TV.

Got a late start on Sunday....didn't get to Parking Lot H to get my tailgate on till about 10:45 local time (for the noon kick). The 3 year old is excited about the Titans now (which is awesome btw), but he does not want to be a quick mover in the morning! Still had time to down 2 or 3 Blue Moons and eat a few hotdogs to get ready for what I was sure was not gonna be a good day for our Titans. The weather was incredible for tailgating, and the new murals up on the stadium are looking great (I promise I will remember my camera this week Sikes!)

We always head in to hike up to our seats about 11:30. Gives us time to make it up the ramps and get situated in plenty of time for pregame festivities and to see player introductions. The gate giveaway yesterday was 12th Titan car flags. Nice. Our seats are in Section 339, which is right on the North endzone goal line, hometeam side. Between myself, my buddy Bacon, my in-laws and my Wife's aunt and uncle, we have 13 seats all together. Pretty sweet deal.

We made it up in time to see the video that the team produced starring T-Rac as Maverick in Top Gun. Shortround is a huge fan of T-Rac (as most 3 year olds are), and is always looking for him on the field. He really enjoyed seeing T-Rac assault a Raven mascot shortly after. Cheering parenting win for the day.

The Titans did their September 11th tribute yesterday, which included first responders welcoming the team onto the field as well as a huge United States shaped American Flag held by Soldiers from Fort Campbell. The Titans have always been extremely supportive of our armed forces with the stadium's proximity to Fort Campbell. Always well done. Yesterday's National Anthem was sung by a Soldier from Fort Campbell, and we got the motivating flyover by 4 T-38s.

The offense was introduced before the game, with Chris Johnson getting the most of the cheers (for the time being). I enjoy the defense being introduced the most, but they don't ever ask me. Shortly after, the team welcomed Nashville's Fire and Police Chiefs as the Honorary 12th Titans to raise the 12th Titan flag in the South Endzone.

So we know what happened on the field during the game...some other notables on the day were the Marc Mariani video shown on the jumbotron (which was not as great as others because I didn't recognize the song)(that is probably an indictment of my uncoolness more than anything, but whatever). And they also showed a very well done video introducing Coach Munchak.

Other videos shown throughout the game include Ric Flair and Terrible Terry Tate getting us fired up to help the defense on 3rd downs, the TTT Pain Train starts off the 4th quarter with a little lead in help from Johnny Cash, and there is the always popular commercial break sing along to "Folsom Prison Blues."  I personally think the Titans do a great job with their video board productions. They get me fired up, but maybe that is not such a hard thing to do. One thing I did do for all my MCMers was boo the Hank Williams Jr video they play with him saying "Go Titans" since we know he is lying his Steeler-fan ass off. BOO THIS MAN!!!!!!

Halftime always includes a Logan's Roadhouse sponsored game where two contestants attempt to throw the most Nerf balls into the bed of a pickup truck...which is apparently much much harder than it looks. We also had the Soldiers return with the flag and a rendition of God Bless America.

LP Field jersey report:

There were several wild jerseys spotted yesterday. Wrong game guys wearing Jets, Steelers and Bengal jerseys always make me laugh, as do the wrong sport guys wearing soccer or baseball jerseys. There were not as many Raven fans there as last non-playoff game, but they were rocking their ridiculous looking purple urban camoflauge pants. Ridiculous. I do regret that I did not see even 1/3 of the Brett Favre Trifecta yesterday. What is the Brett Favre Trifecta? The BFT is that rare time where you go to a sporting event and see a Favre jersey from all 3 teams he has played for. I have done it once. At LP. I saw 2/3rds at the last preseason game. I was rocking my Titan blue #14 Ramsey jersey yesterday.

Saw several awesome jerseys. The jersey of the day was a Titan blue Tennessee Oilers #9. A true throwback.

#9s, 27s, 53s and 89s all count as throwback jerseys and are acceptable for wear. What are not? Lendale White, Tyrone Calico, Chris Brown or Ben Troupe. Especially #10 jerseys that still say Young. Any former Titan who is currently playing for another team (Kerry Collins). Unacceptable.

Of course these are just the author's thoughts. But you do look RIDICULOUS in your faded Troupe jersey. Time to upgrade, dude.

What a great day! The biggest and best win I have been present for by my Titans! No better team to beat than the Ravens, especially when they are riding high after a big win of their own! I'll try to enhance this next week with some pictures.