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Mike Munchak Uses Past Games Against the Ravens as Motivation

Mike Munchak said yesterday after the game that he showed the team some film of games between the Titans and the Ravens in past years to motivate the team:

....This organization, we have had a history with this team for a lot of years as we all know. I wanted them to appreciate the tradition we have had with them and now that these guys are part of that.

The games we have had over the years, I showed some clips of that. Obviously, they were excited to play today. The defense did a great job of keeping us in the game early by shutting down that offense that scored so many points last week. I think the confidence built....

We talked last night about Munchak knowing the importance of the rivalry between these two teams even if the players didn't. I am glad to see that he showed them some of the old tape to get them fired up because it apparently worked.