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Titans 26 Ravens 13: That is the Best Game I Have Ever Watched

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So we got home from the hospital right after kickoff, but I wasn't able to start watching the game until it was well into the second half because we had something stuff to do. Gramsey kept telling me I needed to catch-up with the game in real time, and I finally did just after the two minute warning.

That is the team we expected to see in Jacksonville last week. Sure, they still have their problems, but they looked like a much better team than the one we saw in 2010.

And let me say this, Kenny Britt is awesome. I hope each of you are down on your knees praying every night that he can stay healthy and out of trouble because he is one of the best receivers in the NFL. He has become that guy that you can count on to make the big play when your team needs it the most.

Speaking of receivers, Nate Washington deserves to lose the nickname Hands because he is catching everything this year.

There were some negatives today, but we will save those for another post. Right now let's just celebrate the win and the fact that this team made all of the "haters," myself included, look stupid.