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Ravens vs. Titans: 3 Keys To Victory

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I still don't have a good feeling about this game today, but there is still that hope that Mike Munchak was able to light a fire under his team after that horrific opening half in Jacksonville last week. Here are three things the Titans must do today if they are going to have any chance at winning this game:

  1. Make big plays- A grind it out strategy is not going to be successful in this game.  There is no way the interior of the offensive line is going to hold up well enough for the Titans to run the ball 30+ times.  The Titans are going to need some big chunks of yardage to put points on the board.  I would love to see Matt Hasselbeck air it out to Kenny Britt a few time early just to try and take the top of the defense so to speak.  
  2. Win the turnover battle- This one is on every key to victory you will ever see, but it is especially important when you are facing a team that is better than you on paper.  The Titans are going to have a hard enough time winning this game with all things being even.  It will get out of control in a hurry if they give the Ravens a couple of short fields.
  3. Pressure Joe Flacco- It is huge to be getting Jason Jones and Derrick Morgan back this week.  We saw last week just how inept the pass rush is without them.  They need to make life miserable for Flacco today.