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Fantasy Football: Week 2 Starters, Benchers, and Waiver Wire Warriors

Johnson had a disappointing outing this last week. Will it be any better when he faces the Ravens tomorrow?
Johnson had a disappointing outing this last week. Will it be any better when he faces the Ravens tomorrow?

Last week served up quite a few shockers. I know I personally suffered greatly at the hands of my running backs. Arian Foster sat out and the Texans still ran right over the Colts, the Ravens stomped the Steelers, and every other team returned a kick-off for a touchdown. This week looks to have more difficult choices of who to start and who to put on the bench. This week we also look at waiver wire players to grab. Let's talk fantasy football...

Starter QBs


Matthew Stafford

Last week the Chiefs were stomped by the Bills. They also lost safety Eric Berry to a torn ACL. Stafford should have another strong outing this week. Start him!

Drew Brees

He's gonna have a tough one this week. He's up against the Bears defense. I don't think he'll be delivering a stunning performance this week, but he should still deliver you some good points. Start him.


Colt McCoy

I'm giving him the thumbs up this week. He was decent this last week. Now he's going against a struggling team that just got thumped by the Texans. I'm don't think he'll put up gaudy numbers but I do think he'll deliver just fine for ya. Start him.


Tony Romo

He's set up for another nice week. One of his favorite targets, Dez Bryant, is going to be a game time decision but I think he'll play. The Cowboys have a stack offense and the 49ers are lacking in the backfield. The Cowboys are poised to light 'em up. Start him.


Matt Schaub

  I was more than a little disappointed with Schaub last week when he did so little but he didn't have to throw the ball. This week presents another favorable matchup. Brady lit up the Dolphins. Don't expect the exact same from Schaub, but it should still be a good week for him. Start him.


Bench QBs


Matt Ryan

He didn't have an impressive week 1 and he'll continue that this week when he faces the Eagles. Bradford found them to be quite the headache, so will Ryan. Bench him.


Chad Henne

  It was a fluke that the Dolphins were in the game with the Patriots at all. Expect some correction here. Henne is not good. Bench him.


Starter RBs


Cedric Benson

  He's going up against a defense that just lost the anchor of their defensive line. They also have an ailing Champ Bailey and some key injuries on the other side of the ball. He should have ample opportunity to do some good work this week. Feel good. Start him.


Matt Forte

  I don't have faith in the Saints defense, period. Forte should get his fair share of work. Start him


Chris Johnson

The only time this guy should ever be on your bench is when it's his bye week. He has a tough match up this week but he's gonna be hungry for that yardage. He'll also be getting more than double the touches he got last week. It's just too much to sit this guy. Start him.


Bench RBs


Arian Foster

  With the performance his back ups delivered this past week I don't think the Texans will push him too hard. They'll want to make sure his leg is in better condition before really letting him go. Let him sit this one out. Bench him.


Maurice Jones-Drew

  He made the Titans look silly in the first quarter last week. Don't expect the Jets to be so kind. I don't think the Jets are even breaking a sweat thinking about Luke McCown. Most of their attention is gonna be directed at MJD, and I don't think he'll be able to cope with it very well. Bench him.


Steven Jackson

Jackson is going to be a game time decision, but even if he does play, I wouldn't expect much out of him. The Rams won't want to make his injury any worse by feeding him the ball a bunch. Bench him.


Starter WRs


Mike Wallace

  He should run rampant this week against the Seahawks this week. The Steelers were humiliated last week. This week, they'll be out for blood. Start him.


Kenny Britt

  I've just got a good feeling. It looks like he might finally be coming into his own. The Ravens are another team suffering from a banged up backfield. Britt is gonna look to go wild on them. Don't feel scared starting him. I don't. Start him.


Bench WRs


Reggie Wayne

I'm not sure if there is gonna be a week this year that I'll actually tell you to start this guy. I think he'll be smothered by Haden and suffering from the terrible QB situation again. Feel free to bench him, if you can.


Roddy White

It's gonna be a long game for the Falcons. Roddy is gonna be blanketed. Don't expect much from him and if you can afford it, bench him.


Steve Smith (CAR)

Last week he went off in a big way. This week is not gonna be a repeat. If you've got other choices, use 'em. Bench him.


Starter TEs


Heath Miller

  Angry Steelers, weak Seahawk defense, and Miller's one of Roethlisberger's favorite targets. Start him.


Jared Cook

  I don't think Cookie is gonna have a huge game this week but I do think he'll find the end-zone, which in most leagues should make him worth the start. Start him.


Fred Davis

He had the second most receptions on the team, just one less than Santana Moss. He also had over 100 yards. He's got a good match up here against the Cardinals defense. Start him.


Bench TEs


Marcedes Lewis

  He may not even play due to a calf injury. Even if he does, it's against the Jets. Bench him.


Jimmy Graham

  Maybe I just don't like this guy, but I'm doing it again. Last week the Saints were battling to stay in the game and it wasn't till the fourth quarter that he actually earned his points. He's gonna have to fight the Bears to get in that end-zone and I don't think he'll win. Bench him


This Weeks Waiver Wire Warriors


Cadillac Williams

If you're in between a rock and a hard spot at the RB position, hopefully you picked up this guy. Jackson still hasn't been ruled out but when (if) he is, Williams should be able to do a fine job in his place.


Browns - D/ST

  They're going up against Collins and the gang. Don't be surprised when Haden decides to help himself to a lofty ball delivered via Collins. Feel free to use 'em.


Ryan Fitzpatrick

  If you're hurting at this position, add him to your line up. He was decent last year, this year he may very well improve upon that foundation. He made bank this last week. He may not this week, but I still think he could deliver some solid points. Even if you don't use him this week, he's one to keep an eye on. If you have the space and the need, give him a spot.


Cam Newton

  Ugh. I have to put him on here, as dirty as it may make me feel. He blew up this last week. He's gonna get a reality check this week. By no means do I say start him this week, but if you've got space on your bench, feel free to pick him up. He's quite the interesting prospect.



Your bench is your friend. Load it with prospects, cash in when you pick the right ones, drop 'em when you pick the wrong ones. Be a waiver wire hunter, it pays off.


Good luck!