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Mike Munchak on His Team Being Too Amped Up

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First off, I want to thank everyone for the nice words about the baby. We are very excited, and mama and baby are doing excellent.

I love to highlight the silly questions that get asked in press conferences, and we had a gem yesterday:

(on if he worried that the team may come out too amped since it’s the home opener)

I hope we do, I hope we come out real amped and hope that’s a good thing. I don’t know that we came out flat, we came out and they made a play. When they make a play early it just gets…you just have to overcome that play and we didn’t. If you don’t on the first series as an offense, and then the defense didn’t get off the field, so it magnified it. In the second series the offense really needed to respond in some way and we didn’t so that kind of created a problem last week, especially early and we just have to avoid those kinds of things. You are going to get stopped for three downs every so often, a lot of teams do, but somewhere you have to make a play and get back on track and we didn’t until too late in the game.

I understand that being "too amped up" can be a concern if guys are running around like chickens with their heads cut off and not playing their assignments, but Munchak is probably dying for his team to be "too amped up" after how flat they were in Jacksonville last week.

The game did finally sell out, so the crowd should be good.  Hopefully that will give the Titans a little something extra heading into a game where they are going to need to play really well to have a chance.