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The Titans are 6.5 Point Underdogs Against the Ravens

I was looking at the lines for this weekend's games in the NFL earlier today, and I noticed that the Tennessee Titans are a 6.5 home underdog this week against the Ravens. Anyone out there willing to take that bet? I know I'm not.

Another interesting- only for recreational purposes- stat in this game is that over/under which is 38. I would be looking pretty strong at the under on that one. I just don't see any scenario where the Titans score a lot of points, especially if they come out with the vanilla offense we saw last week against the Jaguars. The Ravens will score some points, but I see a scenario where they are sitting on a lead late in the game.

This game really, really scares me because of my hate for the Ravens. I get more angry watching games against the Ravens and the Colts than anyone else, and on paper, this game looks like something that is going to make me angry.

Anybody see anything that I am missing to make me feel better?