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Ravens Safety Ed Reed on His Dirty Hit On Chris Johnson


That is the dirty hit that Ed Reed and the rest of his Raven buddies put on Chris Johnson in the playoff game following the 2008 season. Anyone who has two eyes and isn't a liar would say that there was intent to injure on that play. Why else would you pick a guy up who has two of your teammates and one of his own players laying on his legs as he is going to the ground?

Reed had a conference call with the Nashville media today and said that he didn't try and intentionally take CJ out according to Jim Wyatt:

"Nothing is ever intentional to try and take any guy out,’’ Reed said in a conference call with Nashville reporters. "My game has never been like that and I know these guys don’t play like that either."

There are a couple of things about that statement that just aren't true:

  1. That was absolutely intentional in an effort to take out a guy who was torching them.
  2. Yes, Ed, your game is like that.  You can say it isn't, but the picture above tells a different story