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Week 2: Predictions From The Contributors and rsikes

So StPrattrick is the anti-Vince Young. He does not just BRING THE WINZ. This week, our favorite Hawkeye rsikes gets a shot:


Well, it was not quite the result we were looking for last week against the Jaguars, but I saw some good things in that 4th quarter that I believe the Titans will carry over into this game against the Ravens. With the help of the LP faithful, I think the Titans will come out firing and maybe running a few no huddle plays. We will need to wear down that aging Ravens defense if we have any chance of winning on Sunday. Look for the Titans to try to get some better looking drives, something we saw very little of last week. If we can get out to an early lead, we will force the Ravens to become a one dimensional team. I see this game to be an extremely physical game and for Chris Johnson to look somewhat of the CJ2K we know him to be. However, I still see the Ravens taking this game.

Titans 10 - Ravens 24

Big Tuna

I picked them to win last week, and we see how well that worked. I have a hard time seeing the Titans winning a game against a really good team when they couldn't win a game against a really bad team. They will probably come out and play better considering it is the home opener, but I see the Ravens pulling away for a pretty decisive win

Titans 10 - Ravens 27


To be frank, I've never been less excited to watch a football game in my life. It's not just that I think the Ravens are going to run up the score on us, (though it would be no surprise if they did) it's that I know that any way you slice this game, something is going to make you embarrassed to admit that you like this team at all. Here's a little tidbit to really get the positivity train rolling. Haloti Ngata is one of the strongest men in the NFL. He's a totally dominant force on the inside of an otherwise somewhat underwhelming defense, Suggs and Reed notwithstanding. Don't believe me? Ask Rashard Mendenhall. To some, he's the best player on the team. To almost everyone, he's the best player on the defense. The Titans' interior line is one of the most physically underwhelming units I've ever seen. They're not physical, they're not strong, and they sure as heck aren't very good at what they're supposed to be doing. Does anyone else see the potential for disaster here? If Ngata weren't enough, Terrence "Mount" Cody is also available to mess everything up too. He's massive, so he clogs up a lot of running room, and he's strong in the lower body, even by NFL lineman standards, so that probably means he's going to drive Amano four or five yards back every single play. Also consider that the main issue many scouts had with Cody coming out of college was conditioning. When you're standing next to Ngata on the line, you aren't going to have to worry about going 100% every play.While we're busy double teaming the best defensive tackle in football, Cody will be holding Jake Scott back with one hand while Scott wildly flails his arms. Sorry Jake, I love you, but you really just don't have much of a chance this week. These two are going to create absolute mayhem on the passing and running game much like they did against Pittsburgh last week unless Munchak has some serious tricks up his sleeve. Even then, I don't think it'd help.

In case you can't tell, I'm much more worried about the interior line than anything else. Without it, our non-mobile QB made of glass gets pummeled and our new 50 million dollar man gets broken in half. Arguably their greatest strength is our biggest weakness. The glimmer of hope remains Kenny Britt. He'll need to elevate his game to heights not yet seen for the Titans to have any chance at all. I'm not a believer in Baltimore's corners, so it's not out of the question that Britt can have a monster game.

Ray Rice runs wild on the defense after some questionable tackling and Baltimore's young tight ends have coming out parties. Baltimore's D forces lots of turnovers giving Flacco a short field to work with. The Ravens pick up where they left off in week one on the road to a Super Bowl appearance, someone gets hurt. Mismatches ahoy.

Titans 7 - Ravens 38


I'm scared. Hold me.

Titans 10 - Ravens 49


Last week was ugly, and that came against a below average team without a competent quarterback or talented defense. The defense wasn't particularly discouraging last week, all things considered, but that's likely to be one of the worst offenses they will see all year. Until our injuries on the D-line are resolved, I expect us to continue getting gashed up the middle in the run game, especially in this contest against Ray Rice. Flacco will be our first real test in the passing game, however nothing I saw on Sunday gives me the warm fuzzies about shutting down Baltimore's passing attack. Given a decent offense, I think our defense could hold their own. But, when you ask your defense to be on the field 2/3 of the game, well, that's a different story.

Until this offense gets things resolved on the offensive line, I'll continue to be pessimistic. CJ's production against Jacksonville is terrifying, as we're not constructed to win games through the air. Unless we get that fixed, everything else is just noise. In the absence of a good running game, this team cannot beat above average competition, Baltimore included.

Titans 10 - Ravens 27


The Ravens are probably somewhat overrated as a team right now due to the epic beat down they laid on the typically overrated Steelers last weekend. Causing 7 turnovers in a single game is simply not something any defense can replicate. The bad news for the Titans is, they probably don't need 7 turnovers to hand us a swift beat down. The core problem is that everything I saw the Ravens do really well against the Steelers will work at least as well against us, and probably better. On defense, Baltimore's front 7 is pretty much as good as it gets. I cannot imagine us being able to run the ball effectively, and I fear for Matt Hasselbeck's personal safety. Even with a good O-line, we would be in trouble, but with a bad one we are totally hosed. On offense, the Ravens are pretty much better and more talented than the Jags at every position, save for a push between MJD and Ray Rice. That does not bode well, given that we gave up 320+ yards to the Jags. Going any further into this analysis would just be depressing, and I'm not allowed to sniff glue at work anymore, so screw it.

Titans 10 - Ravens 35

August West

Looks good for us: The Ravens are liable to still be patting themselves on the back for finally stomping the Steelers last week, even though that win was fueled by a flukish 7 turnovers by Pittsburgh. Also, Matt Hasselbeck should be able to handle the multiple fronts and pressures the Ravens bring better than any QB we've seen in two-toned blue years. Chris Johnson should also be running mad after his performance last week.

Looks bad for us: I want to believe that last week's O-line performance was an aberration, but it looked so much like what we saw last season it's scary. The Ravens have historically been great at brining pressure up the middle, and even if Munch and Matt have Amano, Scott and Harris ready, they might not have the ability to stop it. Also, Ray Rice is the kind of short, versatile RB that gives us problems.

My hope: The Titans are more motivated after last week's clunker.

Titans 17- Ravens 10