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The Worst Person In The World Is A Jacksonville Jaguars Fan

Don't believe me? Check it. Apparently some mouth-breathing Sparkle Kitty fan decided that a bloodied Steve McNair jersey draped over a skeleton is appropriate tailgating accouterment for last Sunday's game. Clay Travis has the story and pics over at Outkick the Coverage (h/t to danomite for posting the link in the comments), and here's the explanation he gives for how he got it:

The picture, which arrives via email from a reputable source, included these details: "A very close friend who lives in Jacksonville that is a big Jaguars fan took the photo Sunday before the game. He asked me who #9 belonged to. When I replied he apologized for the classless Jag fans."

Now, does this offense alone make whomever a pathetic human being?

Hells yes it does. Not only does it uselessly evoke the senseless and tragic murder of the most beloved player in Titans history, but it completely fails to add any humor or insight to it. Just the appearance of the despicable thing is supposed to pass for comedy? Was this created by those two jack-offs who do the spoof movies where just the sight of someone dressed like Paris Hilton wandering into a scene, with no joke or comment, is supposed to be funny?

If you're going to go for a truly offensive subject matter, at least put some thought into it. Of course for most this Jags fan breathing, opening can after can of Vienna sausages and strapping on velcro shoes is about the maximum of his mental capacity on any given day.

I'm a completely believe that no subject is beyond the bounds of comedy, but I just as strongly believe that a hack joke (or in this case, no humor at all) only adds to the offensiveness of a display like this.

I'm sure we'll hear a lot of 'well this guy doesn't represent all Jags fans'. Prove it to me. Condemn this pile of vomit like he deserves to be and I'll give you that argument. I'm sure we'll also get some Internet tough guys who will defend this mindless drivel, and for them, may the Golden Grams Ban Hammer strike swiftly and without mercy.