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The Official MCM Fantasy League Week 1 Recap

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Week One in the MCM Fantasy League was a real barn burner. VY's Brisket Ballers had the highest score of the week with a whopping 150.6. Mike Tolbert was his MVP with 31.8 points. He took down Thorchak's Hammer who scored 125.36 points. Wes Welker was his leading scorer.

The closest game of the week was between my dad (The Boys T&G) and me (Schrute Farms). We scored less points than anyone else in the league, and I edged him out 94.7 to 93.58. Reggie Bush's junk score when he dove and hit the pylon put me over the top.

SouthTexasTitans took down Mean Machine 115.28 to 104.48

The Rothbardians were narrowly edged out by Jake Locker 2011 126.66 to 123.42.

Crazylegs28 beat Channel 4 News team 137.4 to 122.98

And finally, Gold Teeth for All knocked off Homerun Throwback 132.78 to 102.16.

I have posted the complete standings for the league after the jump.

Official MCM Week 1 Standings