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Around the AFC South: Thankfully, MJD Had a Pitch Count

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Colts_medium Nate Dunleavy over at 18 to 88 tells Colts fans that it is time to grow up.  It is nice to read a realistic take on the Colts without Peyton Manning:

It's time to grow up, Indianapolis. Shed the naivety. This team isn't going anywhere without Peyton Manning. If that disappoints your expectations, then the problem is with you, not the team. It's tailor made for Peyton Manning, and if he had played, that game would have been close, and the Colts might even have won.

I know it is going to be a tough year for Colts fans, but I can't really feel bad for them after the run of success they have had.  They are just now having to realize what most NFL fans go through every couple of years.


Jags_medium  Maurice Jones-Drew was not happy with his workload on Sunday according to Big Cat Country.  As a Titans fan, I would like to think the Jags for limiting MJD's carries because I have a feeling he could have gone for 180 again if given the opportunity.

Texans_medium  Mario Williams first game as an outside linebacker was a successful one according to John McClain.  The Texans transition to a 3-4 is going to be one of the more interesting story lines in the division this year.  It is also going to be interesting to watch how the Texans handle being the prohibitive favorite.