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The Tennessee Titans and Football Outsiders Numbers

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Each week Football Outsiders puts out playoff odds. They have a bunch of different percentages including chance of getting the #1 seed in the conference, chance of winning the division and chance of getting a wild card spot.

As you might expect, the Titans percentages after Sunday's game are pretty ugly. According to FO the Titans have just a .1% chance of earning the #1 seed in the AFC and only a 4% chance of winning the division. I really felt good about the Titans chances of winning the division before that game last Sunday. Now, obviously, I don't feel that the chances are as good, but I would put them at higher than 4%.

They have the Houston Texans with a 65% chance of winning the division. I will believe that when I see it.

They also do odds of teams having the first pick, and they have the Titans with a 7% chance of having the first pick, and a 21.2% chance of having a top 3 pick.