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A Look At How Many Snaps Each Tennessee Titans Skill Player Played

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Mike Clay of Pro Football Focus really put his homework into his fantasy analysis. He tracks how many snaps the offensive skill players play for each team. Here is a look at his comments about snaps played for the Titans:

Kenny Britt (48 snaps) and Nate Washington (47) were the clear 1-2 punch at wide receiver for the Titans. Damian Williams played just 30 of the team’s 53 snaps, but he was third on the depth chart ahead of Lavelle Hawkins (18) and Marc Mariani (5). Don’t fret Jared Cook owners – Cook was on the field for all but 10 of the team’s offensive snaps, 35 of which were pass routes for the young tight end. The Titans didn’t run too many 2-TE sets, as Craig Stevens played just 15 snaps. Chris Johnson wasn’t used much in the run game, but he did play 44 snaps, 29 of which were pass routes. He’ll bounce back in Week 2. Jamie Harper was on the field for nine plays.

I am really not sure if it is good news or bad news that Cook was on the field so much. Matt Hasselbeck only targeted him twice in the game after making a point to get him involved during the preseason. I hope Clay is right because I made a heavy fantasy investment in Cook (I own him on three of for teams).