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Monday Night Football Open Thread

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Tonight is the only Monday night of the year where we are treated to two games. The first game features the New England Patriots vs. the Miami Dolphins. I am have the problem in this game that many people face as they play in multiple fantasy leagues- I have two leagues where I need Reggie Bush to play well, and two where I need him to stink.

Honestly, it doesn't look like I can win either league where I need him to play well, one of them being the MCM League, so I hope he stinks so I can win the other two. It is kind of crazy that he is involved in all 4 of my leagues this week.

The second game features the Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos. I have Knowshon Moreno on one of the teams where I need Bush to play well, so maybe he can blow up and Bush can stink.

Discuss the games and your fantasy football scenarios below.