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Titans QB Matt Hasselbeck Got a 62.1 Total QBR in Week 1

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This was the first week of ESPN's Total Quarterback Rankings. It's a pretty interesting concept that's trying to redo the NFL's quarterback rating format. It's a ranking that actually makes sense, and ranges from 0-100. Here's their official FAQs, and you can view all the quarterback's ratings here

Rank Name Pass EPA Rush EPA Sack EPA Penalty EPA Clutch Weight EPA Action Plays Clutch Weight Avg Total QBR
12 Hasselbeck 4.7 0.8 -3 1.2 3.7 41 1 62.1

With four quarterbacks still to play tonight, Matt Hasselbeck came in at number 12 with a 62.1 rating. That's not bad. It shows that Hasselbeck actually had a pretty good game, excluding his last snap. It's understandable that the last play stays in everyone's mind, since it was such a crucial play, but he had 33 other throws. One thing I thought is that Hasselbeck did a good job getting Britt the ball, especially on the miraculous 80 yard touchdown chuck. Even on the last play, despite how badly thrown the ball was, Hasselbeck was looking for his best receiver.

Kerry Collins, on the other hand, had the worst rating of the week, with a 2.3. Now that's bad. I haven't had a chance to watch any highlights of the Colts game yet, but I can only imagine how horrific he looked. Three sacks for 25 yards, two fumbles, and one mishandled snap is just not going to do it. It's not right to make any judgements after just one week of play, but right now it seems like Hasselbeck is clearly the better veteran quarterback of the two.