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Tennessee Titans to Bring in Everette Brown for a Workout

Terry McCormick is reporting that the Titans will bring former Carolina Panthers defensive end Everette Brown in for a workout. The Titans obviously need help at defensive end with Jason Jones, Derrick Morgan and William Hayes all being banged up.

Brown is a guy that Jim Washburn could probably work some magic on. Of course the problem there is that Washburn is no longer with the Titans.

Brown was the 11th pick of the second round just 2 years ago. He was a stud at Florida State, but hasn't panned out as an NFL defensive end. He has 6.5 sacks in two years and was cut by the Panthers earlier this month.

Not sure if Brown is the answer, but the Titans may have no choice but to sign him because they need bodies at the defensive end position. There could be some help on the way. Jones should be able to go this week, and there is a chance that Morgan could be as well. I haven't heard an update on Hayes yet.