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Jaguars 16 Titans 14: The Titans Need to Work on Clock Management

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The clock management in yesterday's game has been a big topic of discussion. Their lack of urgency on the second to last drive was making me yell at the TV, and the last drive was just as bad. It took them almost 30 seconds to get a play off after a 6-yard gain. That is inexcusable.

The announcers were talking about the lockout having something to do with that, and maybe it did, but they worked on the two-minute drill every time I was at practice, and Matt Hasselbeck is a veteran quarterback. That kind of stuff shouldn't happen.

NewsToTom talked about the exact same thing in the FO piece "Audibles at the Line:"

After that punt, the Titans manage to move the ball, but take 1:22 to run three plays and a quarterback spike. Matt Hasselbeck then elects to try a Brett Favre Dying Quail Special, which results in an easy interception for Dwight Lowery to seal the win for the Jaguars. Titans finish the game with 43 yards rushing, but do break 20 minutes in TOP for those who care about that stat.

The pace was equally as frustrating on the drive before that when they didn't seem to realize they needed two scores to win the game. 

This is just part of the learning curve for Mike Munchak as a head coach, but you really would like to see this kind of thing worked out before it costs you a game.