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Matt Hasselbeck on the Last Play of the Game

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I wasn't listening to the Titans Radio call of the game yesterday, but apparently Mike Keith blamed the last interception on the last play on Kenny Britt. Either way, it wasn't a very good decision by Matt Hasselbeck to make that throw.

While there are some guys who wouldn't step up and take the blame for the play, Hasselbeck did what a leader does and put it all on his shoulders:

"I got a little greedy. That’s exactly what happened. It was a matchup situation and the play that was called, I felt, could end the game. It didn’t go down, obviously, like I envisioned but Rob is a kicker with a big leg and there wasn’t a lot of time left. The smarter play would have been probably to hit Chris (Johnson), hopefully spike it, and give our field goal team a chance."

That is what you want your quarterback to say. At the end of the day, it is just one game. If they can circle the wagons and knock off the Ravens next week this will all be a distant memory.