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Chris Johnson Success Rate Against the Jacksonville Jaguars

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Each individual rush is considered on it's own, and measured by it's "success." A run is considered successful if it gets 40% of the yardage needed to move the chains on first down, 60% of the yardage needed on second down, and 100% of the yardage needed on third or fourth down. This is a much more accurate overall picture of how well a running back does in a game than just the total yardage or ypc averages because it ignores big run outliers that can skew those kinds of stats

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No surprise here that Chris Johnson's success rate was just 33%. The rushing game is my biggest concern that emerged from this game. The defense is going to be a work in progress, but the offensive line was supposed to be fixed. They sure didn't look fixed yesterday.

I do think they will look better once CJ has had some time to practice in the offense.

Jamie Harper had three runs yesterday and was successful on 2 of them. This will make gramsey "holler" even louder about CJ's holdout.