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Jaguars 16 Titans 14: Kenny Britt as the Silver Lining

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There was a whole lot of bad in yesterday's loss to the Jaguars, but at least we got to see what we expected out of Kenny Britt. He came into this game with more question marks surrounding him than anyone else. After being arrested 62 times in the offseason and sitting out most of camp, we really didn't know what to expect from him yesterday. Well he came out and showed that ability he has to make plays.

Here is what Mike Munchak had to say about his performance after the game:

"He played exactly how we thought he could play. He is a big play maker and is someone who has a chance to be a difference maker for us. Like I said, we wish we had gotten some things started earlier for him and some of the other guys, but the opportunities were slim."

Britt can turn the momentum of the game quickly. You saw it yesterday with the 80 yard touchdown reception on the Matt Hasselbeck floater. It is just unfortunate, like Munchak said, that it couldn't have happened earlier in the game.

Britt is going to put up Pro Bowl numbers if he can just stay out of jail and healthy.