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Jaguars 16 Titans 14 Quick Recap

Well, that is what happens when you play terrible for 3 quarters and try to make a late push. The Tennessee Titans came up short against the Jags today in Jacksonville and looked pretty terrible doing it. The team that we saw in the preseason that was efficient on offense, disruptive on defense and disciplined in all phases of the game looked more like the dumpster fire from last year.

I am trying not get too low based on one game, but this team looked really, really bad today, especially on defense. They couldn't stop the run, couldn't tackle and couldn't get any pressure on Luke McCown all day long. Obviously not having Jason Jones and Derrick Morgan out there hurts, but they couldn't even get to McCown when they blitzed. It seemed like every blitz led to a big play for the Jaguars.

The offense was out of sync for most of the day. The interior of the offensive line looked just as bad as they did last year. I sure hope Mike Munchak didn't Jeff Fisher us when he said that his guys were good enough to fix the problem.

The one bright side of this game was the big play ability of Kenny Britt. He showed us today what he can do when healthy and out of trouble. Hopefully he can build on that.

One game does not a season make, but that was a bad loss. Now they have to put it behind them and get ready for the Baltimore Ravens next week.

As a site note, please stay out of arguments with anyone who comes over here to gloat because there really isn't anything to say. The Jags were the better team today. Stay out of those fights because it makes MCM a place that isn't fun to be. Let them have their day. The good news is the Titans will get their chance for revenge later in the season.

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