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Mike Munchak Talks About His First Saturday Night Speech

Mike Munchak has been an NFL coach for a long time, but tonight will be the first time he has been the head coach as he addresses the team. I am sure he will have as much, if not more, going through his mind as the players. Here is what he had to say about it after yesterday's practice:

I have given some thought to it, but it’s kind of like I wait to see how the weekend is going. I have kind of done that for the four preseason games when I speak to the team on Saturday afternoon before the game. That to me is the most important time for those games. I think it’s more of how things have gone, I kind of wait to see how the week went, what came up that I need to emphasize or remind them of, what is the theme of that week or that night. That is something I will give thought to of course and I have done that as a line coach but it will be a little different talking to the whole team. I’m looking forward to it.
Here is to hoping tomorrow is the first of many victories as an NFL head coach.