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Titans vs. Jaguars: What to Look for When the Jaguars Throw the Ball

This is the part of the game I am the most excited about. I cannot wait to see what Jerry Gray has in store for Luke McCown. We know that Gray cut his teeth in the NFL under Gregg Williams, so that means he is going to blitz and blitz a lot. He has to be excited about mixing things up for McCown who has only appeared in 16 games in his career.

Mercedes Lewis presents the biggest challenge for the Titans D. He really came into his own last year, and we know what a disaster Tennessee was covering tight ends last season. Barrett Ruud was signed over Stephen Tulloch mainly because of his cover skills, and he will get a chance to show those off in this game.

The Jaguars receivers aren't going to light the world on fire. Mike Thomas had a pretty good year last year, but they really don't have anything behind him. We need to be really concerned about the Titans secondary if they can't limit McCown and these receivers.