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Titans vs. Saints: What to Watch for on Defense


On defense this game will be more about the guys fighting for a roster spot than the first team. Drew Brees won't play at all in this game, so we won't get to see how our defense measures up against one of the league's best, but we will see a handful of players who are fighting for a roster spot.

Rennie Curran needs a big game in this one. He doesn't fit the style of linebacker that Jerry Gray is looking for, but he can stick if he can prove to them that he can make plays. Curran had a really nice play on a screen last week. I think he has a pretty good shot of making the team, but he might want to make a couple more of those plays to make sure.

The other spot to watch is safety. Chris Hope, Michael Griffin and Jordan Babineaux are locks. That leaves 1 or 2 spots for Anthony Smith, Vincent Fuller, Robert Johnson and Myron Rolle.