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Tennessee Titans and Chris Johnson Agree to 4 Year $53.5 Million Deal

BREAKING: TItans agreed to 4-yr 53.5 million deal with Chris Johnson. 30 guaranteedless than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

IT IS FINALLY OVER! Jim Wyatt is reporting that the Tennessee Titans and Chris Johnson have agreed to a four year $53.5 million deal that includes $30 million in guaranteed money. It is funny that this has gone on this long, and we could have pretty much penciled that number in from the beginning.

I am interested to see the year by year breakdown of the deal is year by year, but it looks good with the initial numbers. This deal only extends his original deal by 2 years. He should be in the prime of his career for the deal, so the Titans shouldn't have to worry about a scenario where they are paying him a ton of money in decline.