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Titans vs. Saints: What to Look for On Offense


The starters will see very limited action in tonight's preseason finale between the Tennessee Titans and New Orleans Saints. The biggest thing to watch from the first team offense will be Kenny Britt who will be seeing his first action of the preseason. I expect Matt Hasselbeck to do everything in his power to get Britt the ball at least a couple of times in the 10 or 15 plays they are on the field together. The biggest win from tonight will be if Britt comes away from the game healthy.

Jake Locker should see quite a bit of time tonight, and he might get to be out there with some first team guys again. You better enjoy what you see from Locker tonight because this could be the last time you get to see him play for a while.

RUUUUUSSSTTTYYY will be playing for a spot tonight. He should get more action than he has in any other game and will need to show more than he as thus far to earn a spot. I still say the end up cutting him and bringing him back on the practice squad after he passes through waivers.