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ESPN NFL Preseason Power Rankings: Tennessee Titans Ranked 20th

ESPN has put out their first NFL Power Rankings of the 2011 season and the Titans come in at #20. Power rankings are always fun to look at and good for conversation, but at the end of the day we know they don't really mean anything.

Paul Kuharsky added this tidbit for the Titans:

Don't buy that they will be contenders for Andrew Luck. Mike Munchak will squeeze something out of the Titans.

That comment is pretty spot on. I posted back during the lockout that this team probably isn't a playoff team, but they also aren't a contender for the worst team in the league. A preseason ranking of #20 seems about right to me.

The other AFC South teams came in at #8 (Colts), #17 (Texans) and #22 (Jaguars). Those rankings prove that the overall thinking of people around the league is that the AFC South is going be down this season.